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Autorad Radiator
Autorad Radiator

We make a variety of radiators for the street rod cars & trucks as well as Chevy, Ford & Mopars for the muscle cars. We offer a 55-57 Chevy assembly, which includes the radiator, cradle, shroud, and fan, overflow tank and side and bottom panels. We can also make those hard to find customs. Our radiators are built per the customers needs. We have just come out with our newest radiator ­ 67-69 Camaro radiator and core support. On this radiator we offer 40% more surface area than a stock radiator and 20% more surface area than most replacement radiators for superior cooling for even the big horsepower engines.


Our customers have been our best advertisement. Our radiators can be found in many of the premier rod shops in the country. We have dealers all over the US and Canada.


What makes our radiators stand out from the rest? Well, one look is all you need. The craftsmanship that goes into these radiators is outstanding. We back our radiators 100%. We have had customers that have had our competitor’s radiators and when they put ours in, they are pleased to have their cooling problems disappear. One comment we always hear is, “I wish I would have seen your radiator before I bought...”

We also offer the shroud, fan, ac condenser and trans cooler for a complete package.

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