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X-Gen Universal Front and Rear Suspensions

X-Gen Universal Front and Rear Suspensions

Detroit Speed’s front subframe is a bolt-in replacement for the original stock subframe. It improves the handling and ride quality by utilizing DSE’s unique suspension geometry. It is the ONLY subframe in the aftermarket industry with hydroformed frame rails. The hydroformed frame rails feature strength and stiffness, precise quality and repeatability. Hydroforming preserves the steel’s strength and stiffness because it is performed at low temperatures, unlike traditional high temperature processes which decrease material strength.

The X-Gen Universal Staggered rear suspension system allows you to integrate Detroit Speed suspension technology into any vehicle and makes a great compliment to Detroit Speed's X-Gen series of front suspension systems.  We have designed the staggered suspension system for uni-body vehicles.

The X-Gen QUADRALink™ features...
* Detroit Speed patented, no-bind Swivel-Link™ technology
* High durometer rubber bushings, no heim joints to wear out and make noise
* Long panhard rod for rear axle lateral control during hard cornering


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