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FiTech Go Port SBF 8.2 289-302CID 500-1050HP-Matte Black TB

From FiTech Fuel Injection

FiTech Go Port SBF 8.2 289-302CID 500-1050HP-Matte Black TB

Imagine if port style EFI was as simple as throttle body style EFI. Having the advantages of easy installation of the throttle body EFI and yet having the precision fuel distribution of port style EFI. FiTech has bridged the gap with the Go Port EFI System. We have combined a high flow FiTech throttle body (with the ECU mounted right on it) together with a high quality port style manifold. Then we installed FiTech brand Hi Flo injectors mounted in fuel rails. This all combines to become the most advanced self-learning port EFI system on the planet.

NOTE: The Go Port EFI is also available as a standalone kit without manifold, fuel rails or injectors for only $1,295.00

Kit Includes: 

900 CFM matte black throttle body
 Throttle body-mounted sequential fuel ECU
 2.5 BAR MAP sensor built into the throttle body
 Self-Learning Technology with simple engine setup
 2.5 inch touch screen Hand Held tuner with suction cup windshield mount
 All engine specific kits include a high-quality, aftermarket, port EFI style intake manifold
 High flow fuel rails
 (8) FiTech Hi-Flo 42-lb injectors for 550 HP kits, 70-lb for 1,050 HP kits
 4.2 wide band O2 sensor and stainless steel clamp or weld bung kit
 6-pin sub harness with flagged lead destinations
 Coolant temperature sensor
 TPS, IAC, IAT, & BARO sensors integrated into the throttle body
 Throttle Body Gasket Kit

 Only  $1,995.00
FIT 32858
Go Port SBF 8.2 289-302CID 500-1050HP-Matte Black TB
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