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FiTech Go EFI Fuel Command Center

From FiTech Fuel Injection

FiTech Go EFI Fuel Command Center

With the FiTech Go EFI System Fuel Command Center installed with your EFI system you can be sure that you have the most advanced fuel delivery system available. Here is how it works:

The FiTech Fuel Command Center Assembly is mounted in your engine compartment. It can also be mounted anywhere on the vehicle’s chassis if necessary. The conventional fuel line that originally went to your carburetor is connected to the “IN” port of the Fuel Command Center. A supplied high pressure hose is plumbed from the Command Center to the inlet port on your EFI throttle body.

Your stock carbureted fuel pump (or a TBI low pressure EFI pump) feeds low pressure fuel to the FiTech Fuel Command Center’s sump tank.

A reservoir of fuel is in the sump tank at all times so the 340 L/PH pump inside is submerged in fuel. The sump tank contains a float that automatically shuts off the fuel coming into the Sump Tank when the correct fuel level is reached. At that point the stock pump is dead heading against the Fuel Command Center just like it normally would against a fuel pressure regulator.

When the engine is running the Fuel Command Center pump supplies high pressure (58 PSI) fuel to the EFI throttle body.

*The Fuel Command Center is designed to be used only with FiTech EFI Systems that include the Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) feature.

Kit Includes:

 Sump Tank assembly w/340 L/PH fuel pump, regulator, pressure gauge
 EFI Fuel Filter
 Hose and Fittings to connect Sump Tank to Throttle Body

 Only  $395.00
FIT 40003
Go EFI Fuel Command Center
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