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Fat Man Fabrications Mustang II Frame Stubs

From Fat Man Fabrication
Fat Man Fabrications Mustang II Frame Stubs

Some cars have a frame that doesn’t allow a simple MII installation, yet are too narrow for a GM subframe.  For these cars we build frame stubs which allow a 2”-4” drop and include pre-made mounts for bumpers and sheet metal.  Sheet metal remounts with very minor or no trimming required.  We make a wide variety of Mustang II frame stubs  for a multitude of makes and models.  If you don’t see your vehicle listed below contact us and we will be more than happy to discuss your specific application.

We can build the front half of any of our frames offered. These work great to repair a botched subframe installation. By reproducing the axle center line and radiator core support positions your bumper and sheet metal will refit with ease. (Call to order stand alone Stub)

Note: After ordering you will need to provide more information about frame dimensions and engine for your car.

Freight: Freight is COD however manufacturers discount is used to lower cost.

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