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Fat Man Fabrications Mustang II Crossmember Kits 60.5" Hub to Hub

From Fat Man Fabrication
Fat Man Fabrications Mustang II Crossmember Kits 60.5" Hub to Hub

All of our Fat Man Fabrication Mustang II (MII) Kits are fully welded SAE 1018 steel and ground for a cleaner appearance. We use tubular arm crossmembers that are fully boxed at the ends. To ensure accuracy and correct geometry we used a PAD designed system.

Each and every one of our hub-to-hub kits come with these standards. The MII kit is fitted exactly to the your vehicle while giving you more options such as Hub-to-Hub kits available in Stage II, III, IV, Air Ride or Stage V-Shockwave upgrades. There is no need for a universal product from Fat Man, if we don’t have your Mustang II kit listed, than we will help you make the right measurements. We make a wide variety of Mustang II kits for a multitude of make and models. If you don’t see your kit here, contact us, we would be more than happy to discuss your specific application.

We have an abundant amount of vehicles that we offer our MII kits for, however each of them are unique, so it is always best practice to contact us to find out which specific MII kit will work for you. Each Mustang II kit can be ordered as a Hub-to-Hub, or basic kit. Stage II, III, IV, Air Ride or Stage V-Shockwave upgrades are available. The possibilities are endless with any Fat Man Fabrication chassis product because we take the time to determine exactly what you need for your specific vehicle whether it’s a car, truck, complete custom or anything in between.

Note: This kit widens the front suspension 2" you must use an extension for the rack main shaft. Please select power or manual rack when purchasing.

Kit only comes with Crossmember!

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