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1962-1967 X-Body Subframe Connectors

From Detroit Speed
1962-1967 X-Body Subframe Connectors

Our uniquely designed Detroit Speed weld in subframe connectors increase your car's stiffness by connecting the front subframe to the rear frame rails. Our subframe connectors are fabricated from 2" x 3" x 0.095" wall rectangular steel tubing. Laser cut brackets are included that attach the rear of the subframe to the connector for an easy, strong, and simple welded joint. Unlike others, the DSE subframe connectors are barely visible from underneath the car. The rear of the connector is tapered to attach to the rear frame rails and also has a laser cut slot that conforms to the rear seat floor pan. The connectors are bent and TIG welded in a fixture for accuracy and repeatability. Our subframe connectors do not interfere with seat attachment hardware or the installation and removal of the rear leaf spring pocket. The subframe connectors can be installed on convertibles. Additionally, the molded factory carpet will still fit over the subframe connectors. Our weld-in connectors are supplied with templates, pictures, and detailed instructions for installation.

Note: If not installing the Chevy II QUADRALink™ you will need to purchase the DSE torque boxes.

 Only  $195.00
DSE 010104
1962-1967 X-Body Subframe Connectors
/ Kit
 Only  $110.00
DSE 9304115
1962-1967 X-Body Torque Box Assembly
/ Pair

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