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1973-1977 A-Body Upper Tubular Control Arms

From Detroit Speed
1973-1977 A-Body Upper Tubular Control Arms

The Detroit Speed, Inc. upper control arm kit is a bolt on enhancement for 1973-1977 A-Bodies. Suspension geometry is improved over stock by increasing camber gain and improving roll camber. They also increase caster for improved ride and handling. DSE's upper control arms have been computer modeled and the components have undergone finite element analysis. The control arms have CNC stainless steel cross shafts which incorporate DSE's 'Caster Tuner Bushings'. These aluminum bushings adjust caster by moving the upper control arm fore/aft for more or less caster without adding alignment shims. This unique caster adjustment design is engineered to be precise and permanent. The upper control arms also utilize DSE designed bushings. These greaseable aluminum / Delrin bushings have an increased stiffness over stock. This provides more consistent and precise handling. The bushings also have CNC machined bevel stainless washers and stainless ny-lock nuts.

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DSE 030106
1973-1977 A-Body Upper Tubular Control Arms
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