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CCI-1780 Cooling Components Fan and Shroud

From Cooling Components
CCI-1780 Cooling Components Fan and Shroud

CCI - 1780
19" h  x  26" w

  • The ultimate design of our fans and shrouds provide the maximum CFM offered on the market.
  • Our shrouds may need to be trimmed to fit before installment.
  • Only 2 5/8 inch clearance is need to ease the installation process.
  • The top and bottom flanges may be removed to provide maximum cooling.
  • Our fans are 100% qity checked before shipping.
  • Our fans come with a highly efficient, two speed motor (300 watts/12 volts) that has a low noise design.

Application Chart


Make Year Model Part Number Alternate Part Number
Ford 1963-75 Car CCI-1780  
  1953-65 Truck CCI-1780  
  1961-66 T-Bird CCI-1780  
  1970-79 T-Bird CCI-1780  
Chevrolet 1960-65 Truck CCI-1780  
  1959-70 Impala (17" Core) CCI-1780  
  1960-65 Truck CCI-1780  
  1970-79 Camaro CCI-1780  
  1968-77 Corvette (17" Core) CCI-1780  
  1970-79 Monte Carlo CCI-1780  
Buick 1958-70 Car CCI-1780  
Cadillac 1957-70 Car CCI-1780  
Dodge 1960-72 Car CCI-1780  
Oldsmobile 1956-76 Car CCI-1780  
Pontiac 1964-79 Car CCI-1780  
  1970-79 Firebird CCI-1780  
  1964-67 GTO (15.5" Core) CCI-1780  


 Only  $319.99
Cooling Components Fan and Shroud 1780
/ each

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